Attractive autonomous segments, risks, and opportunities for investors and new startups

Source: Created by the Author — Example Companies in Each Autonomous Mobility Segment.

We all have heard about Tesla Autopilot. Full autonomous driving capability is on the way, and many startups are emerging in this space, some of which are being acquired by large incumbent companies.

In this article, our goal will be to understand whether autonomous mobility is an attractive space for a new startup and which type of startups could appeal to investors in this space. We will also go over some of the risks and emerging verticals within autonomous mobility and determinants of success within each segment.

Autonomous Mobility Market for New Startups

Market Size: Global autonomous market is projected to be 556B$ in 2026 with…

The competitors of Elon Musk’s SpaceX are moving fast to capture the satellite launch market.

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

We all have seen the picture above. SpaceX is full steam ahead on launching rockets to space and even reusing one of their systems like the first stage above to reduce their cost as much as possible. In the meantime, they are on track in testing their Starship. Using their system, they have been launching a constellation of satellites — called Starlink to achieve broader internet connectivity to most of the Earth.

However, SpaceX has many competitors in the satellite launch market that are on track to getting a part of the market and potentially compete with SpaceX in the…

Starlink started offering its internet system for the beta testers. But how are its competitors trying to achieve success?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

We all have heard it. Elon Musk is preparing to broaden the internet connectivity using a “mesh” of satellites traveling on the low Earth orbit. He has been recently sending many satellites to space to achieve this as quickly as possible. They recently started offering beta testers a Starlink service terminal that includes an antenna and router for $499 and $99 a month internet service accessible from anywhere.

But many other companies are trying to achieve the same goal of increasing internet connectivity. …

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